Casa Serpiente,
2018- 2019

Casa Serpiente is an attempt to bring the idealized space of painting, the space of abstraction, to the viewer’s hand.

The works of this project intersect different artistic media among themselves with the utilitarian: paintings on silk curtains, sculptures like handrails and drawings as screens. The result is close to the scenographic. The creation of an atmosphere that invites to walk through and proximity.

The sculptures - handrail extends through the exhibition space suggesting a tour. This sculpture can change composition throughout the exhibition. The curtains divide and create space; they can be presented extended or picked up; the movement of the fabric is a suggestive element of them. The screen creates and divides spaces; the draw in both, the curtains and the screen, are the architectural plans or the pictorial representation of an improbable space.

Casa Serpiente is the materialization and exploration of an idealized space. Extending beyond the pictorial illusion to the tangible plane.

detail Habitación de domingo,  2018

pigments on silk

Habitación de domingo,  2018

Pigments on silk and brass bar

280 x 290 cm

© Gabriel Rosas Alemán, 2020