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Gabriel Rosas Alemán’s ouvre attempts to analyze the different modes of interaction and communication that operate within the context of galleries and museums. Rosas Alemán defines certain paradigmatic moments such as the initial encounter with the work of art, the dynamics of movement within the exhibition space, and the dialogs that emerge from the esthetic contemplation. These situations are broken apart in order to isolate the gestures, the social agreements and the emotional dimensions that live together in these contexts.

The stagings of Rosas Alemán involve the creation of narratives, some of which speculate on the contemplative experience and its repercussion on interpersonal relationships, others address the possibility of a secret life of the works of art, as autonomous entities that do not depend in the spectator to remain active. The intentions and the emotional motives that exist as the substrate under works of art, spectators, artists and other characters, are elaborated into participatory fictions. The possibility to channel these experiences has as the objective to reveal the sensitive tapestry that underpins this type of cultural institutions and its respective peculiarities.

Gabriel Rosas Alemán lives and works in Mexico City.

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