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Le Grazie, 2013

Still from the video Le Grazie, 2013

Installation view at ARTmax,

Braunschweig, Germany.

Juliy 2013

Le Grazie is a study of the traditional values in sculpture and of ways to generate it through new resources. Contemplation in the idealization of beauty, a constant in the work of the Italian Neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova, is one of the resources I use to create a new version of the Greek myth of the three Graces, daughters of Zeus endowed with eternal youth and beauty.


The body and the execution of movements that demonstrate strength, both individually as collectively, are the material with which I generated this new body of oneiric values.

The 6 videos are projected onto a space of ample dimensions, generating a dreamlike and erotic atmosphere where the path of the viewer seeks to be a sculptural experience as well.


In addition to the videos, the installation Le grazie consists of two different audios: one arising from the training of the cheerleaders team and the other, encompassing two compositions, one from Erick Satie, Socrates, and the other one from John Cage, In a landscape.

Stills from the video Le Grazie, 2013

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