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Performance para dos- canción de amor, 2017

A museum room called the transit room exhibits a wall piece and a sculptural piece that rests on a bench: la pintura autónoma and la máquina; small format works that posses autonomous imperceptible movement and ​furthermore, they dialogue with each other.

This is the setting for the encounter between two strangers him and her. This encounter begins with glances that reveal attraction and that will give way to an idyll.

The script of this dramatization delves into the responses that this attraction generates: dilated pupils, agitated breathing, palpitations, pronounced lips, sometimes imperceptible signs that just like the secret movements and languages of the exhibited works of art, build a fiction within the museum about the contemplative gaze that the viewer can achieve into these spaces. A look that can reveal the secrets of our most common interactions. 

The performance took place, accompanied by an exhibition in December 2017 at the space Ladera Oeste, in Guadalajara, México.

detail from Performance para dos-canción de amor, 2017

La pintura Autónoma, 2017

La máquina, 2017

Documentation of Performance para dos-canción de amor, 2017

Posibles escenarios, 2017

Oil on Japanese paper and wood structure

Posturas similares significa que tienen un acuerdo, 2017


Parejas de noche-se besan, 2017

Ink on canvas

Parejas de noche-no se entienden, 2017

Ink on canvas

Installation view at Ladera Oeste, Guadalajara, MX

Installation view at Ladera Oeste, Guadalajara, MX

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