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Sculpture Planimetrique, 2014

I propose the creation of portable sculptural objects, moveable and intangible objects that emerge by being enunciated based on a series of premises and rules that bring together elements such as space, body, voice and text.

I stablished the existence of three stages that I called «planes», they are the pathway  in order to obtain a portable sculptural object; each plane possess particular and different guidelines. The guidelines of each «planes» are cointained into a method I namaded Modular Technic.

Based on the Modular Technique, a fragment of a poem I wrote, Escultura Planimétrica, was translated into musical score with the intention of being interpreted by a choir of thirty voices, as an attempt to cue, how these method works and represent the movement, transformation and complexity that the sculptural object described in the poem obtains.

The rhythm of the composition and the echo of the space chosen, allowed for the physical manifestation of the object.

A series of poems, drawings and the Modular Technique are contained in the book Figures d´équilibre d´une masse fluide.

Documentation of the performance at Frac des Pays de la Loire

as part of the exhibition Celemania

Carquefou, France

Novembre 2014




  • Concrete plane: is the tangible and sensible space. 

  • Flexible Plane: this is the space of prepositions and technique.

  • Relative Plane: is infinite and fleeting.

These premises and techniques as a whole are called Técnica Modular, a technique where the repetition of movements, words, sounds and sentences are the base to build "sculptural portable objects". 


Técnica Modular is published in French and Spanish in the book Figures d'équilibre d'une masse fluide, that also includes a series of poems and drawings that map the technique that I propose. 

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