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Tetrapak, 2014

«Tetrapak is a brand and a patented swedish technology that we use frequently in our everyday lives. During my stay of two months in Stockholm I discovered, aside from the patent, places, characters, anecdotes and culture that affected me profoundly.


The register of these days through the window of my room, views from Stockholm's public library (Asplund), swimming in Söderbysjön lake, the conversations with the woman at the kiosk-café at Mosebake Tor, the Moderna Muset, the day when it never goes dark, among others, were registered in a log where I share my discoveries and learnings that were part of my daily routine and my ordinary life in the city of Stockholm.


I concluded my stay of two months assuming myself a dance instructor that shared a dance lessons as means to traverse the streets of Stockholm dancing.»

Documentation of the performance at the public square Mosebacke Torg

Stockholm, Sweden

August 2014

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